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Teacup Pigs: Loving Tiny Creatures

Teacup pigs are tiny forms of big farm pigs and they are much smaller in size. They have a very mini structure in the beginning of their lives and grow eventually to the weight of maximum 100 pounds. These pigs get maximum size as the mid-sized dog and pet lovers like them for domestic ease

Teacup Pigs Are Adorable Pets

Pets are bundle of joy for many people. They become important part of the family; give special memories that are close to our hearts. People who share strong bonds with their pets tend to have fewer ailments in comparison to people those who don’t own pets. Commonly, people used to keep cats, dogs and different

Taking your Mini Pig Home

Just like any other pet, you need patience and persistence while dealing with teacup pig. You have to give a lot of time and trust to your pig for your acceptance. You must set up a routine to take your pig outside in the morning. Most of the pigs don’t pee overnight and their bladder

Fun with Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are small sized creatures filled with lots of joys and excitement for their owners. I have a four year old teacup male and it is the charm of our house. He is jolly, intelligent and quite social in nature. I was reluctant in bringing him home due to kids at home, but my

Give Appropriate Food to Teacup Pig Pets

Give Appropriate Food to Teacup Pig Pets

Teacup pigs are mini form of pigs and they will wish to eat everything in their sight. They have a good sense of smelling and will be tempted to eat anything coming their way. These pigs will sometimes eat the worst things without even giving you a hint for the same. At times, teacup pigs