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Teacup Pigs are Best Buddies

Teacup pigs are loyal, lovable and intelligent buddies. They are small in size and quite easy for handling. Unlike big pigs, these nano sized pigs have reduced size, but same features as that of normal pigs. They don’t grow too big in height and weight and remain max up to the size of a small

Fun with Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are small sized creatures filled with lots of joys and excitement for their owners. I have a four year old teacup male and it is the charm of our house. He is jolly, intelligent and quite social in nature. I was reluctant in bringing him home due to kids at home, but my

Why people love to keep Teacup pigs?

Why people love to keep Teacup pigs?

Teacup pigs are micro sized pigs having a great trend in the US and the UK. These are the small pets liked by people due to their tiny size and cute appearance. These pets are owned by many celebrities and hence, they are gaining popularity in the present times. These exotic creatures are highly energetic

Give Appropriate Food to Teacup Pig Pets

Give Appropriate Food to Teacup Pig Pets

Teacup pigs are mini form of pigs and they will wish to eat everything in their sight. They have a good sense of smelling and will be tempted to eat anything coming their way. These pigs will sometimes eat the worst things without even giving you a hint for the same. At times, teacup pigs

How can you get Best from your Teacup Pig?


Teacup pigs have attained their name from the reality that they can just fit into a large teacup when they are born. These tiny creatures grow to a maximum height of 18 inches and have a longer lifespan than other pets like cats and dogs. They have no odor and remain clean. You will love