Pigs Care and Training

Your training preparation for teacup pigs will depend upon the age is your pig. When you adopt a pig from a breeder, ask him lots of questions to handle a pig properly. You can ask him question related to feeding, training and any health problem. Information taken in advance can help you train your pet better. You should get an annual checkup done of your mini pig to avoid any health issues.

The flexible natures of these little pets can amaze you. You can potty train your pig for indoor and outdoor.  Teacup Pigs prefer to discharge litter outside, but you can train them for urinating indoors in a specialized litter box. If you want to train your pet completely for outdoors, fix a place in backyard and make your pig litter there. Stay with your piggy throughout outdoor training and they will actually learn the processes soon.


You can bathe them once in a month. Pig’s skin gets dry if you bathe them too much. However, regular sponging is required to keep the germs away. Pigs like cozy sleeping area for sleeping and relaxing. Make special bed with plenty of cushions and special blankets to give them for warmth. Pigs love to play with pillows and enjoy them.

Pigs Care and Training

You can add vegetables to pig’s diet. Initially, you can try with certain types of veggies and see what they like. You can also give fruits to your pig as special treats. Fruits have high sugar content that can increase your pig weight and should be avoided.

Pigs are very curious by nature. Train them so that they can follow you easily. Keep your kitchen and bathroom cabinets locked that carries dangerous things the way you would do for a child. Make sure your piggy stay away from anything that might hurt him. Rooting is basic behavior of pigs. You have to make small area of mud or a place outside especially for them to root in.