Taking your Mini Pig Home

Just like any other pet, you need patience and persistence while dealing with teacup pig. You have to give a lot of time and trust to your pig for your acceptance.

You must set up a routine to take your pig outside in the morning. Most of the pigs don’t pee overnight and their bladder gets longer as they grow up. If you know that your pig learns to go potty outside, you can still provide a litter box inside for overnight.

You should keep in mind that pig with weight of 20-25 pounds needs half cup of food. So, you can give your little pet half cup feed in a day one portion in morning and second in the evening. Pigs like green leafy vegetables you can give them as snacks. Don’t keep your pig underfeed or overfeed.

You should hang around with your pig from the start; but patience is required for the same. You may sit with them and let them have a look over the things in your house. Each day try to spend more time with your pig so that it gets more comfortable with you.

Taking your Mini Pig Home

Maintenance of pigs is not too difficult. Pigs are healthy animals and do not require much health care. You can give full bath you pigs once in month else their skin gets dry. Some pigs don’t enjoy bath; so you have to be quick in giving such creatures a good bath. Brush your pig daily this will help in skincare and improve blood circulation. Give them plenty of blankets as they love to root into blankets.

Life of pig is normally 12 to 18 years. They can make most passionate and trusty pets you ever have. They deserve your full attention in the beginning and start giving you great feeling very soon with their delightful presence. Enjoy their tricky nature and they will make you joyful.